In which Guppy squees about the final book of Bizenghast.

(You should totally read it, yes. ((well not this one cuz it’s the last book but you know what I mean~)))

Gosh, I was too excited to even open the book haha! I’ve been following this series for a long while now and it’s great to see it come to a good closing. 

Spoiler Warning Ahead!!!!

This is the part where Guppy loses what sense you thought she had and starts gushing about her ‘feels’ and how she ‘can’t even’ like the silly girl she is.

 Oh so many feels. Shit got real when Edaniel was killed. 

And then when Dinah got Edrear back to his senses but he couldn’t fully overcome Lady Hetka’s influence so he killed himself.

And then as Edrear laid dying in Dinah’s arms and she kissed him

But Dinah kept strong (strong female characters ftw~) and then shit got all Slender when Hetka turned into this weird forest dome (I was half expecting she’d follow Di around a’la slenderman).
And when Di figured it out how to set free Hetka and did it in such a badass, but admittedly sorta cliche, way.
 yeah fuck yeah

This book was such a rollercoster ride of emotons for me.

The ending was so perfect, at least in my opinion. It ended on a good note and I’m very content with that <3

I’ll be awaiting for whatever Marty has in store for us next~ 

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